Moles Farewell Tributes Signature Services

Providing for both Burial and Cremation Services are some unique signature services provided especially by Moles Farewell Tributes. Whether you are looking to add a basket of rose petals, a balloon release or a private candle lighting ceremony. We can provide any of these unique services to you.

Candle Lighting Ceremony

Candle Favors

Dove Release at a graveside

Private Candle Lighting Ceremony
Personalized Memory Candles
Dove Release at a Graveside Ceremony

A large personalized candle is lit to signify the life lost. The flame is then used to light each of the hand-held remembrance candles, allowing everyone to participate in saying goodbye.

A candle tied with a personalized message is give to guests as a way to remember your loved one. Styles of candles will vary based upon availability.

The release of a single white dove, in memory of your loved one, is a unique way to express your goodbyes.

Balloon Release (up to one dozen)

Blooming Favors

Basket of Rose Petals

Balloon Release at a graveside ceremony
Blooming Favors
Spreading of rose petals at funeral service

A way of helping create a ceremony of remembering, and a physical symbol of letting go.

(Note: not available at Greenacres Memorial Park)

Plant these Blooming Favors in a garden or window box and wildflowers will bloom year after year in memory of your loved one.

A basket of rose petals for scattering provides a touching way to say goodbye to those you’ve lost.