Yahzdi Taillon

Yahzdi Taillon was born Robert Roland Taillon on March 20, 1946 to Gaston and Jeannette Taillon in Bristol, Connecticut. He left us on Wednesday, July 25, 2018.  He was 72 years old. He graduated from High School in Burbank, California, and also earned college credits at Los Angeles City College. He taught nuclear weapons handling during his time in the United States Air Force in the Vietnam era. He worked for IBM for many years as a Project Manager for Systems Setup and travelled all over the United States and Canada with them.

He became a proud and productive member of the Bahai Faith many years ago, after which time he had his name legally changed to “Yahzdi”, which he said meant “The man from Yahzd.”  He dearly loved the Faith and was an avid teacher –spending many years in the San Francisco area and the past several years in Northwest Washington and British Columbia.  He was a humble, interesting, and intelligent man who was loved and respected wherever he went.  His passions included food and cooking, studying people and life, photography, woodworking, fishing, and boats. 

He is survived by one brother, Rick; 2 sisters, Sylvia & Lydia, two nieces, 4 nephews, and many extended family members and friends.  He is now in a much better place and will be sorely missed by those of us remaining here.