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Lawrence "Seahthluk" Tom, "Spaghetti"
In Memory of

Lawrence "Seahthluk" Andrew Tom, "Spaghetti"

1925 - 2018

Obituary of Lawrence "Seahthluk" Tom, "Spaghetti"

Lawrence Andrew Tom, “Seahthluk”, known affectionately as “Spaghetti”, of Bellingham, WA and the Lummi Nation, passed away on Thursday June 28, 2018. Lawrence was a proud member of the U.S. Army in their drive to liberate Europe in WWII and was a lifetime member of Lummi American Legion Post #33. He liked to go out and mow many lawns, was a championship boxer, pulled many a canoe, and took care of the Lummi Nation Cemetery. For many years he was part of the hearty band of gravediggers at Lummi Nation, loved clam digging and was a Hoop Dancer. Lawrence had many occupations in his work career including bridge-building, logger, dump truck driver, welder, fisherman, and even built the family home with his father. He loved helping young college welders and working on outboard motors. One of his favorite sayings was, “Nine boys, enough for a ball team.”

Lawrence is predeceased by his loving wife Katherine, sons Lawrence Tom Jr, Randy Tom, Keith Tom Sr, Thomas Tom, Johnny Tom, and granddaughters Donna Tom and Lindsey Greene. He is survived by his children Laura, Ralph, Jerome, Lorita, Jean, Joyce, Steven and Peter. He is also survived by his many grandchildren – Tomasina George, Stephanie Solomon, Bradly Solomon, Keith Tom Jr, Tyler Tom, Katherine Tom, Travis Tom, Tamera Tom, Jerome Tom Jr, Ray Tom, Jesse Tom, Lawrence Tom, Marsha, Lauralee, Sarah, Jerolynn, Betti , Lexi Tom, Jermaine, John, Casie Cultee, Carol Tom, Leroy Revey Jr, Brock Revey, Jean Revey, James Solomon, Lawrence Solomon, Elizabeth Solomon, Eli Wall, Thelma Wall, Randy Tom Jr, Crystal Tom, Steven Tom Jr, Richard Tom, Dustin Tom, Jared Tom, Lincoln Tom and Caleb Tom.

Services will be Sunday July 1, 2018 at 6pm and Monday July 2, 2018 at 10am. Both services will be at the Wexliem Community Building.